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Well, I haven’t been here for a long time, I started this blog in June, and I’m REALLY happy I made it, cause’ I met some amazing people here, and these are some of the blogs that appeared the most on my crushes, and some that didn’t appear a lot, but I love… And most of it has really cool people running them. So it’s not just a blog thing, it’s about the person who runs it too. I’m sorry if I’m forgetting someone, cause’ there are lots of amazing blogs here. So I’m really sorry if I’m forgetting someone. And for who’s here, and who’s not, thanks for being here with me and following me and whatever lol. Thanks <3  So, here’s the blogs that I loved the most during 2011 in alphabetical order: 
britneyspears » britneyspearslovers » britneystans » britonsnl2 » cannibalsuxx » enkindlerfanfatale f-cking-perfect» godney » henrrydelavega » holyspearit » iambritneysbitch » ifuseekbritneyspears » inloveewithbritney » itsbritneybitch » itsgodney » itsonlytheshadow » jaidenfatale » jasontrawick » legendmonalisa »  like-a-song-you-enchanted-me » liikeakittycat » omgodney »  only-britney » outrageouslybritney » praisequeenbritney » proudofbritney » rumour » slave-4-godney » slave4britneyspears »  thatsmy-prerogative » theholyspearit » themissspears » tilluseekamy » trollney » truelove4britney » wondermiggy

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    OMG, thank you so much! It means a lot to me since your blog is my favorite! O teu blog foi o primeiro que eu segui e...
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    asdlsa´fldf~dslfdldf~]çlfpdsfkfdk Awww, this is just too cute! THANK YOU SO MUCH
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    Omg at all of these flawless blogs. I am not worthy to be among them at all. But sdghwheth ty so much bb, it means a lot...
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    omg *dead*
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    thank you so much
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    omg thank you so much! :3 love you!
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